Mar 23

Beethoven Suffered From Hepatitis B Infection That Contributed To His Death

  • Genetic analysis of Ludwig van Beethoven's hair has provided new clues into the cause of the great composer's death in 1827 -- as well as evidence of a family scandal.
  • The analysis revealed that Beethoven Suffered From A Hepatitis B Infection That Could Have Contributed To His Death from liver disease.
  • Researchers found DNA evidence of hepatitis B virus in a lock of hair taken from Beethoven's body shortly after his death in 1827.
Mar 22

Bruce Springsteen Awarded National Medal Of Arts By President Biden

  • President Biden awarded Bruce Springsteen the National Medal of Arts on Tuesday, the highest honor given to artists by the United States government.
  • Springsteen was supposed to be honored in 2021, but the ceremony — also slated to award Gladys Knight, Jose Feliciano, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mindy Kaling, artist Judith Francisca Baca, radio station owner Fred Eychaner, the International Association Of Blacks In Dance, the Billie Holiday Theatre, and painter Antonio Martorell Cardona — was canceled due to COVID-19.
Mar 22

Amazon Is Shutting Down

  • After nearly 25 years of operation, DPReview will be closing in the near future.
  • The site will be locked, with no further updates made after April 10th 2023.
  • The site will be available in read-only mode for a limited period afterwards.
Mar 22

People Trying To Use Facebook's Leaked AI To Improve Their Tinder Matches

  • Users of Facebook’s leaked artificial intelligence are tasking the tool with generating text for their Tinder profiles and things to say during conversations in the hope of getting a real world date.
  • Although it’s unclear if participants have had any tangible success yet, it still demonstrates how Facebook’s LLaMA model is being used in the wild after the company lost control of it in a leak earlier this month. 
Mar 21

Google Opens Early Access To Its ChatGPT Rival Bard

  • Today, Google is opening up limited access to Bard, its ChatGPT rival, a major step in the company’s attempt to reclaim what many see as lost ground in a new race to deploy AI.
  • Bard will be initially available to select users in the US and UK, with users able to join a waitlist at, though Google says the roll-out will be slow and has offered no date for full public access.