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Jun 18

Twitter Metrics Claim 1 Billion People Saw This Meme-Inducing Tweet

  • There are around 8 billion people in the world, and Twitter metrics claim that a tweet made by user @tamsully12 — who has just under 11,000 followers — has been viewed by about an eighth of mankind. Sent on May 24, the simple prompt has achieved the feat in less than one month.
  • "WITHOUT GOOGLING," it reads. "Name a famous historic battle."
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Jun 10

Quiet Luxury May Be Americans' Most Expensive Trend To Date

  • The “quiet luxury” trend has quickly caught on, even though, these days, most Americans are more likely to live paycheck to paycheck.
  • Marked by expensive materials in muted tones, quiet luxury is also known as stealth wealth.
  • As Americans’ economic circumstances get increasingly divided, consumers could benefit from the shift to low-key basics over loud logos, one financial expert says.
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Jun 08

Second Social Media Star Dies After Binge-drinking ‘Chinese Firewater’ On Camera

  • Popular livestreamer Zhong Yuan Huang Ge has died after binging copious amounts of potent local liquor on camera.
  • The 27-year-old Chinese man’s wife confirmed his death in a statement to local media outlet Jimu News, Asia’s Straits Times reported.
  • Huang’s death marks the second influencer to die from a viral drinking challenge in under a month.
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Jun 08

'Baby Elon' Musk Takes Over Internet

  • A Twitter account shared the AI-generated photo of Elon Musk saying he took too much anti-aging cream, with many enjoying his new look.
  • “Breaking: Elon Musk was reportedly working on some anti aging formula but it got way out of hand,” parody account @alifarhat79 said.
  • The photo in question shows a youthful-looking Musk wearing brown overalls and a white shirt while standing in what looks to be a home office/study.
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Jun 07

‘Tattoos’ For Tots Sparks Uproar: ‘What The F- -k Is Wrong With You’

  • Parental pranksters have spent the past year fooling followers with footage of their youngsters being branded that it’s now become a bona fide trend — and a surefire way for thirsty moms and dads to go viral.
  • A Florida couple kickstarted the craze last summer, hitting headlines with a video that showed their 6-month-old son getting the word “mom” inked on his arm.
  • The clip clocked up more than 17 million views and a whole lot of outrage.
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