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Mar 21

Italy's Antitrust Probes TikTok Over 'French Scar' Dangerous Content

  • Italy's antitrust authority said on Tuesday it had opened an investigation into the Chinese-owned app TikTok as it allegedly breaches its rules by allowing the publication of "dangerous content" inciting suicide, self-harm and poor nutrition.
  • TikTok, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, denied wrongdoing and said it would cooperate with the investigation.
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Mar 19

Will TikTok’s New “Bold Glamour” Feature Cause Spikes In Plastic Surgery?

  • In a TikTok that has since amassed 4.4 million views, Los Angeles-based otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon Dr. Monica Kieu broke down exactly why everyone who uses TikTok’s new “Bold Glamour” feature looks, as Gen Z would say, “snatched.”
  • From the thicker eyebrows and narrow nose to the plump lips and overall smooth look, the filter is clearly meant to draw people in by reflecting what many view as today’s beauty standards. 
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Feb 01

How The ‘Pink Sauce’ Chef Survived Her Downfall

  • In 2022, Chef Pii had been prepared to fulfill, at most, a “few hundred” orders. As she went viral, however, orders came in by the thousands.
  • Customers fumed that the Pink Sauce bottles had been smashed or ruptured in the mail, and contained misprints and errors on the ingredient label. 
  • Fortunately, Chef Pii found a savior in Dave’s Gourmet. She then reformulated Pink Sauce, changed the packaging and started producing in an FDA approved manufacturing facility.
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Jan 15

Viral TikTok ‘Pink Sauce’ Is Now Available At Walmart

  • The viral Pepto-colored condiment created by Chef Pii first went viral on TIkTok in June of 2022, racking up views and comments from people everywhere.
  • Months later, the sauce's creator partnered with Dave’s Gourmet to bring her pink product to “the commercial market.”
  • On Jan. 11, the company announced in a press release that Walmart will be the exclusive retailer of Pink Sauce until July 2023. 
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