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Jul 26

Cillian Murphy Says He's Open To Playing A Ken In 'Barbie 2'

  • Cillian Murphy is the star of Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer,” but is he ready to embrace the pink?
  • Omelete (via Cinéfilos) even asked the “Oppenheimer” actor if he’d play a Ken in a potential sequel to Gerwig’s now historic comedy blockbuster.
  • “Sure, yeah. Let’s read the script, let’s have a conversation,” Murphy responded about playing Ken.
Jul 25

Box Office: ‘Oppenheimer’ Shatters Expectations With $80 Million Debut

  • Buoyed by stellar reviews and premium large formats, the biopic about the so-called “father of the atomic bomb” is wildly outperforming expectations for a three-hour-long period piece with little action and lots of talking.
  • Heading into the weekend, analysts were anticipating a $50 million start, which already would have been notable given the grim film’s subject matter and style.
  • At the international box office, “Oppenheimer” added $93.7 million for a global tally of $174 million.
Jul 25

Box Office: ‘Barbie’ Opens to Record-Setting $155 Million

  • Over the weekend, moviegoers turned out in force for Greta Gerwig’s neon-coated fantasy comedy “Barbie,” which smashed expectations with $155 million to land the biggest debut of the year.
  • The cultural craze known as “Barbenheimer” worked to fuel the biggest collective US box office weekend of the pandemic era, as well as the fourth-biggest overall weekend in history. 
  • At the international box office, the film added $182 million for a stunning global tally of $337 million.
Jul 25

RDJ: Cillian Murphy Made the Greatest 'Sacrifice By A Lead Actor' He’s Ever Seen

  • Cillian Murphy is earning some of the best reviews of his career for leading Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer, but no praise might be higher than this rave from co-star Robert Downey Jr.: “I have never witnessed a greater sacrifice by a lead actor in my career.”
  • Downey Jr. added. “We’d be like, ‘Hey, we got a three-day weekend. Maybe we’ll go antiquing in Santa Fe. What are you going to do?’ ‘Oh, I have to learn 30,000 words of Dutch. Have a nice time.’ But that’s the nature of the ask.”


Jul 24

'Barbie' buzz Likely Just A Flash In The Pan For Toymaker Mattel

  • The fanfare around Margot Robbie-starrer "Barbie" could jolt the iconic Mattel doll's sales out of a year-long slump, but Wall Street thinks the party in pink will be short-lived.
  • While Mattel will report second-quarter results on Wednesday, days after the theatrical release of the movie, analysts say the boost for Barbie sales will be most pronounced in the quarter ending Sept. 29 before tapering off.