Mar 09

Spotify Is Rolling Anchor Into Its New Spotify For Podcasters Tool

  • Spotify says that, while users previously had different experiences across both tools, the consolidation will enable the full features for all users, whether they are hosting their show with Spotify or not.
  • Spotify for Podcasters users will now be able to run polls and Q&A sessions for their listeners.
  • The company says that it also plans to continue the rollout of video podcasts for more podcasters.
Jan 19

Results From Google Podcasts App Have Been Removed From Google Search

  • It appears that Google may be giving the Google Podcast app the old brush-off by removing it from its search results.
  • When asked for a statement regarding this change, Google stated that this was the intended behaviour and that the company is always experimenting with new ways to improve things.
Jan 18

New Podcast Creation Has Fallen Off A Cliff

  • According to data compiled by Chartr, fewer podcasts were created in 2022 than in the two years prior.
  • The number of new shows created dropped by nearly 80% between 2020 and 2022.
  • Some of that can be attributed to the pandemic — podcast creation peaked in 2020 when people truly had nothing better to do, but the number of new shows in 2022 was even lower than pre-pandemic levels: 337,063 podcasts (2019) vs 219,178 (2022).
Jan 06

Joe Rogan Edits Podcast, Apologizes After Promoting Hoax Tweet

  • A recent episode of popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience saw Joe Rogan fall for a badly photoshopped hoax, as Rogan and his guest, discussed a fake tweet about the coronavirus vaccine, citing it as an example of “ideological capture at its highest level.”
  • After being informed of his mistake, Rogan took to Twitter to clarify that the episode had been removed, with the offending segment edited out, before being re-uploaded onto Spotify.