Mar 22

Counter-Strike 2 With “Sub-Tick” Responsiveness Announced

  • Valve officially announced Counter-Strike 2, an upcoming free update to the game built on Valve's Source 2 engine.
  • Valve is promising a variety of new features for Counter-Strike 2, but perhaps the biggest deal is that the game will offer “sub-tick” server updates.
  • Now servers will instantly be updated when you press a button. Sounds like magic, but Valve insists it’s the real deal. 


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Mar 17

System Shock Remake Delayed To May 30 For PC

  • In a new blog post shared to Steam, developer Nightdive Studios and publisher Prime Matter have announced that the System Shock remake has been delayed again.
  • The sci-fi shooter will be delayed until May 30 for those jumping in on PC.
  • As for console players, the remake has been sadly delayed indefinitely, with the statement saying the game will arrive “in due course.”
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Mar 17

Here's How To Preload Diablo 4 Beta On PS5, Xbox & PC

  • Provided you have early access, you can install the open beta from the Microsoft store for Xbox.
  • As for PS5: Open Diablo 4 on the PSN store, Click the three dots, Select open beta, Click Download
  • And for PC you should Open Battle.net, Select Diablo 4 from All Games, Click Install
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Mar 17

Steam Spring Sale Kicks Off A Week Of Store-Wide Major Discounts

  • For an entire week, the Steam Spring Sale offers a vast number of discounts for games, DLC, and any other items available on the PC gaming storefront.
  • The front page has already been transformed to match the new spring event's theme. It carries highlighted deals for featured games, personalized recommendations for logged in users, category-based offers to sort through, and plenty of other offers to peruse.
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Mar 17

Windows VBS Setting Can Restrict Gaming Performance By Up To 10%

  • At some point since the initial controversy surrounding Windows 11's Virtualization-based Security (VBS), updates have reenabled it for seemingly all Windows 11 and Windows 10 systems.
  • Leaving it on can lower some games' framerates by almost 10 percent, though often less than one percent depending on the title.
  • VBS is an optional extra security layer that uses virtualization to isolate a corner of a PC's memory, protecting it from malicious code and drivers.
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