Mar 17

Here's How To Preload Diablo 4 Beta On PS5, Xbox & PC

  • Provided you have early access, you can install the open beta from the Microsoft store for Xbox.
  • As for PS5: Open Diablo 4 on the PSN store, Click the three dots, Select open beta, Click Download
  • And for PC you should Open Battle.net, Select Diablo 4 from All Games, Click Install
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Mar 08

New PS5 Firmware Adds Discord Voice Chat, VRR At 1440p, Much More

  • Sony has just released the latest system software update for PS5: version 23.01-07.00.00.
  • With this update, once you've synced up your PSN and Discord accounts, you will be able to start a voice chat on the latter and then join it via your PS5.
  • Those using a 1440p display can now toggle on VRR to smooth out any choppiness in the image.
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Mar 03

Sony Might Have To Reveal What It Pays For Exclusives

  • FTC’s chief administrative judge has tossed out most of Sony’s complaints, meaning that Microsoft is about to get access to a ton of “relevant documents” that PlayStation didn’t want released.
  • In other words, Microsoft is free to dig up how much Sony is paying publishers to keep games off Game Pass, and find out any other details or conditions associated with putting a game on a PlayStation console at the expense of any Xbox platforms or services.
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Mar 02

Surging PlayStation 5 Sales Makes Sony AMD's Biggest Customer

  • In its Q4 2022 earnings report, AMD credited one unnamed customer for about one-sixth of its net revenue for 2022, which increased significantly compared to 2021.
  • A semiconductor industry analyst surmised that Sony was that customer based on its results for the same quarter.
  • AMD provides the chips powering Sony's PlayStation 5 console and Microsoft's Xbox Series machines.
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Mar 02

LeBron James Partners With Sony To Release Limited Edition Playstation 5 Accessories

  • LeBron James partnered with Sony to release a limited edition PlayStation 5 console cover plate and accessories.
  • The Lakers star help designed the PS5 console cover and DualSense wireless controller using personal imagery and adages that have been meaningful throughout his career.
  • This isn’t a one-off giveaway, as fans will be able to pre-order both the console and DualSense controller later this year.
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