Mar 22

Google Pulls Chinese Pinduoduo App Off Play Store Over Security Concerns

  • Google recently pulled the Chinese-owned Pinduoduo app off of its Google Play App Store after malware was found on a Chinese version of the app.
  • “Off-Play versions of this app that have been found to contain malware have been enforced on via Google Play Protect,” the Google Play spokesperson said in an emailed statement on Tuesday.
Mar 21

Microsoft's App Store For iPhone Could Arrive As Soon As 2024

  • The European Union's Digital Markets Act will make major changes in March 2024, including enabling third-party digital storefronts to coexist on the iPhone and iPad alongside the App Store.
  • It seems that Microsoft wants to capitalize on the situation.
  • According to Phil Spencer, Microsoft wants to open up its own app store for iOS and Android.
  • Pending the clearance of its $75 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, that storefront could go live in 2024 at the earliest.
Mar 17

Google Will Discontinue Google Travel's Trip Summaries

  • A prominent notice on the service's website confirms that trip summaries will be phased out beginning May 1.
  • The feature comes in handy for sorting your previously visited places, flight details, restaurant reservations, and hotel stays in chronological order.
  • Google also uses this service to suggest other places that you might want to visit in the future.
  • Furthermore, trip summaries allow you to review specifics about your upcoming trips, such as booking numbers and flight departure times.
Mar 16

Even Carrot Weather Now Has A ChatGPT-Based AI Chatbot

  • The hilarious iPhone, iPad and Mac weather app is known for spicing weather forecasts with funny quotes while trading insults.
  • In its most recent 5.10 update, Carrot brings several new features, including a ChatGPT-inspired AI chatbot.
  • Yes, you can use profanity in your interactions with the bot. All users get five messages for free, with more available via Carrot’s Tip Jar feature.
Mar 14

Samsung Forgot To Optimize Galaxy Store App For The Galaxy S23 Series

  • If you go into the Galaxy Store App and scroll up and down, you are likely to be greeted with stutter/a low refresh rate that you won’t find elsewhere on your Galaxy S23 series phone.
  • On all Galaxy S23 models, the screen’s refresh rate drops below 60Hz in Samsung’s in-house app store
  • It seems while it was optimizing the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung seems to have overlooked the Galaxy Store.