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May 27

IEA: Solar Investment Set To Attract Over $1 Billion A Day In 2023

  • “Today’s fossil fuel investment spending is now more than double the levels needed in the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario,” the International Energy Agency says.
  • Over the past few years, high profile figures have made their feelings on fossil fuels known.
  • In June 2022, the U.N. Secretary General slammed new funding for fossil fuel exploration.
May 20

Chinese EV Maker Nio Invests In Nuclear Fusion Startup

  • Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio has invested in a startup firm that is developing fusion technologies, according to a source with direct knowledge and a company filing, placing more bets in other areas of the energy sector.
  • The newly established company, Neo Fusion, will research and develop technologies that aim to bring controlled fusion for commercial uses globally in two decades, the source said.
May 17

North Sea Offshore Wind Farms Powered Down To Protect Migratory Birds

  • Offshore wind farms in the North Sea were powered down to a maximum of just two rotations per minute on May 13, according to Dutch authorities.
  • The initiative uses a number of tools to determine when turbine output should be reduced.
  • “This is an international first, nowhere in the world are wind farms at sea shut down to protect birds during massive bird migration,” Rob Jetten, the Netherlands’ minister for climate and energy policy, says.
May 17

Wind Power Industry Disruptors Are Betting On Radical Designs

  • In recent years, major economies like the U.S. have laid out goals to ramp up floating wind installations.
  • Disrupting the wind power industry is a colossal task that will require significant investment, time and patience.
  • Floating offshore wind faces a range of challenges, not least the incredibly harsh environment turbines need to operate in.
May 12

Wind Power Was Britain's Largest Source Of Electricity In The First Quarter

  • According to researchers at Imperial College London, wind turbines provided 32.4% of Britain’s electricity in the first three months of the year.
  • Gas, a fossil fuel, was responsible for 31.7% of the electricity fuel mix.
  • Energy firm Drax says it’s the first time wind has “provided the largest share of power in any quarter in the history of the country’s electricity grid.”