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Mar 22

Joe Biden Declares New National Monuments In Texas, Nevada Mountains

  • President Joe Biden on Tuesday declared two new national monuments and more steps to protect hundreds of thousands of acres of public land.
  • Biden established the Avi Kwa Ame National Monument, also known as Spirit Mountain, in Nevada and the Castner Range National Monument in Texas, putting more than half a million acres of public lands under federal protection.
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Mar 21

UN: Climate Change "Time Bomb" Requires "Quantum Leap" In Action By All Countries

  • U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres called on wealthy countries Monday to move up their goals of achieving carbon neutrality as close as possible to 2040, mostly from 2050 now, in order to "defuse the climate time bomb."
  • "Humanity is on thin ice, and that ice is melting fast," the United Nations chief said in a video message as the IPCC experts group issued its latest report, which he likened to "a survival guide for humanity."
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Mar 20

Millions Of Dead Fish Have Washed Up In A River Near An Australian Town

  • Millions of dead fish have washed up in a river near a small Australian town, in a phenomenon state officials say is related to the “heatwave conditions” that are sweeping the country.
  • Video emerged this week showing masses of dead fish floating at the Menindee Weir pool near Broken Hill.
  • “These fish deaths are related to low oxygen levels in the water (hypoxia) as flood waters recede,” the government explained.
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Mar 19

VW's Skoda Would Cut 3,000 Jobs If 'Euro 7' Implemented In Current Form

  • Czech carmaker Skoda would have to cut 3,000 jobs and axe some models if the European Union's "Euro 7" emissions scheme is implemented in its current form, a Skoda board member warned in a TV debate on Sunday.
  • The proposed Euro 7 law, which EU countries and lawmakers will start negotiating this year, would tighten limits on the emission by cars of health-harming pollutants, including nitrogen oxides.
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Mar 18

How The US Will Remove 'Forever Chemicals' From Its Drinking Water

  • The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed the first limitations on a set of pervasive and dangerous ‘forever chemicals’ in US drinking water.
  • Scientists and engineers are busy developing ways to extract the chemicals more efficiently from water and soil and break them down, but water utility companies warn that meeting the EPA’s new standards will be expensive in the short term — possibly prohibitively so for small water-treatment facilities.


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