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Apr 12

X-Rays Solve The Mystery of This 30,000 Year Old Mummified Creature

  • X-ray scans have revealed this grapefruit-sized lump is actually a 30,000-year-old mummified ground squirrel from the ice age.
  • A gold miner found the mysterious fur ball in 2018 in the Klondike gold fields near Dawson City, Yukon, according to the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre.
  • "It's not quite recognizable until you see these little hands and these claws, and you see a little tail, and then you see ears," Grant Zazula, a Yukon government paleontologist, said.
Apr 12

Earth's Core Appears To Be Wrapped In An Unexpected, Ancient Structure

  • Scientists have stitched together the most high-resolution map yet of the underlying geology beneath Earth's Southern Hemisphere, revealing something previously undiscovered: an ancient ocean floor that may wrap around the core.
  • This thin but dense layer sits around 2,900 kilometers (1,800 miles) below the surface, where the molten, metallic outer core meets the rocky mantle above it. This is the core-mantle boundary (CMB).
Apr 11

Newly Discovered Ghostly Marine Worms Look Straight Out Of Japanese Folklore

  • An ethereal blue glimmer just below the waterline has lured scientists to three new glowing species of marine bristle worm (polychaetes).
  • Their genus name, Polycirrus, means 'many tendrils' in Latin.
  • Until now, we knew of only four species of Polycirrus with the ability to bioluminesce.
  • In addition, there were only two species of Polycirrus described in Japan. This new discovery, led by marine worm expert Naoto Jimi, adds three new species to each tally.
Apr 08

Tigers Have Unique Personality Traits That Help Them Survive in The Wild

  • The behavior of the 248 Siberian tigers observed through a personality test showed that the endangered cats had unique traits influencing both their success in reproduction and survival, researchers reported.
  • "We found that tigers are very individual, and that people who've worked with them and know them well see their individual personalities," co-author Rosalind Arden of the London School of Economics told AFP.
Apr 07

Albert Einstein Predicted That Animals Had 'Super Senses'

  • A long-lost letter from the scientist to an inquiring engineer in 1949 turned out to be extraordinarily prescient in the fields of biology and physics.
  • "It is thinkable that the investigation of the behavior of migratory birds and carrier pigeons may someday lead to the understanding of some physical process which is not yet known," Einstein wrote in a letter.