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Aug 05

Threads Will Soon Have Search And Web Functions

  • Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Threads post on Friday that search and web features will be “coming in the next few weeks.”
  • “The community here is on the trajectory I expect to build a vibrant long term app,” he wrote.
  • Advertisers and creators have told CNBC that Threads needs additional features to become an important service.
Jul 24

TikTok Is Adding Text Posts

  • TikTok users can now post 1,000-character text-based updates in addition to videos and series of photos.
  • Text posts appear similar to Instagram Stories visually: users can add a background color, edit how text appears, and add music and stickers to the post.
  • Other users can also engage with the post similar to how they interact with video — by stitching, dueting, and commenting.
Jul 21

Threads Has Lured Some Creators Who Never Loved Twitter

  • Creators and influencers are exploring whether the new Threads app can bolster their online presence and help them reach bigger audiences.
  • Threads currently lacks several key features that creators say could help them go beyond their existing Instagram following.
  • “It’s going to be interesting to see if people can go from the initial boost they had in the first few days to a continuous growth in the next few months,” said Caspar Lee, whose YouTube channel has more than 6.6 million subscribers.
Jul 19

Meta Rolls Out First Feature Update To Threads Since Launch Earlier This Month

  • Cameron Roth, a software engineer for Instagram, shared a Threads post Tuesday, announcing several new Threads features as part of an iOS update.
  • The company introduced a follows tab that will presumably make it easier for users to see who is following them.
  • Users will also be able to access a translate button to read text in other languages.
Jul 15

Meta Confirms It Is Blocking EU-Based Users From Accessing Threads Via VPN

  • After multiple EU-based users complained about not being able to access Instagram’s Threads app through VPN, Meta confirmed that it is blocking such efforts.
  • The company launched Threads last week, but given privacy concerns around the app, it is not available in the EU.
  • The company said in a statement that it has applied further measures to stop users from accessing the new social app.