Mar 20

Got A Question For Twitter's Press Team? The Answer Will Be A Poop Emoji

  • Twitter's communications team has been effectively silent since November, when it was reportedly decimated in the layoffs that CEO Elon Musk implemented after buying the company.
  • Now the press email address is active again, at least to some extent.
  • Going forward it will automatically reply to journalist's inquiries with a single poop emoji, Musk announced — via tweet, of course — on Sunday.
Mar 20

Twitter Users Want To Send Elon Musk To Horny Jail

  • Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s own feed on the social media platform continues to be a wild ride to witness
  • Underneath a set of pictures Swift posted of her current ‘Eras’ tour, Musk replied with nothing more than the cigarette emoji.
  • If cigarettes themselves didn’t make us feel nauseous, then that comment certainly did, which we assume is him saying she’s “smoking”.
  • Response from other users was expected.
Mar 19

Apple Watch Helps Diagnose Something It Wasn't Designed To Find

  • A Cleveland man has credited the Apple Watch with saving his life, after a series of different alerts drove him to get medical attention.
  • Using figures he had gathered from the Apple Watch, doctors ordered more scans and discovered blood clots in his lungs.
  • His doctor advised that had he not sought help, approximately 60% of people at that stage may not have survived the night.
Mar 19

Elon Musk's New Rules For Twitter Replies Are Going To Be Controversial

  • Elon Musk said that replies on tweets will soon be rearranged in order of priority, with the top priority given to replies from the people you follow on Twitter, followed by people who are paying for Twitter Blue.
  • If you don't follow an account and you're not a paid user, your tweets will be given the lowest priority, putting them down with the bots and other junk tweets.
Mar 19

Musk: If Trump Is Arrested, He Will Be Re-elected In A Landslide Victory

  • Former US President Donald Trump could be re-elected in a landslide victory if arrested, said Billionaire Elon Musk while reacting to the reports that Trump would be charged as soon as next week.
  • Taking to Twitter, Musk wrote, “If this happens, Trump will be Re-elected In A Landslide Victory." It is to be noted that the CEO of Twitter said it in reaction to a Fox News report that reported Trump might be "cuffed."