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Jun 01

Google Assistant’s 3rd-Party Notes & Lists Integration Is Shutting Down

  • In Google Assistant settings, you’ve long had the ability to set a Notes & Lists provider for voice commands that let you create or edit a list/note on speakers and Smart Displays.
  • The options are Google Keep,, AnyList, and Bring Shopping Lists. 
  • That integration is now going away.
  • Specifically, “it will no longer be possible to use Google Assistant to add items to AnyList.”
May 31

Google Officially Stops Updating 1st-Gen Chromecast

  • Google has quietly announced that support for Chromecast (1st gen) has ended and that there will be no more updates.
  • This means Google’s inaugural key-shaped streaming device will no longer receive software or security updates.
  • Nearly 10 years of support is not a bad run in the grand scheme of consumer electronics, especially for one that was priced at $35.
  • Google warns that end users “may notice a degradation in performance.”
May 28

Google Responds To Malware-Infested 'Android TV' Boxes

  • In a community post, Google acknowledges that there are TV boxes being sold today that can technically include Google apps and even the Play Store without being licensed by Google.
  • To help customers ensure that what they’re buying is safe, Google recommends visiting the official Android TV website, where anyone can see Android TV products from official Android TV and Google TV partners.
May 22

Triangle-Wheeled Bike Gives New Meaning to 'Tricycle'

  • After the success of last month’s square-wheeled bike design, The Q went back to the drawing board to see if they could come up with a bike design featuring triangular wheels.
  • They succeeded, and unlike the square-wheeled bike, these triangular wheels actually roll like round ones. It’s an idea that seems either impossible, or at least like it would be incredibly uncomfortable to ride.
May 21

Western Digital Promises To Release Firmware Update For Failing SSDs

  • Western Digital says it will release a firmware update to address a reliability issue with its SanDisk Extreme and Extreme Pro SSDs.
  • Over the past few months, internet has been littered with people complaining of their recently purchased portable drives suddenly erasing the data they had on them and, in some cases, becoming unreadable.
  • The issue is seemingly limited to drives manufactured since the end of 2022 and appears to affect 4TB models primarily.