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Jul 25

Bing Chat Is Coming To Google Chrome And Safari

  • Bing’s AI chatbot is rolling out on Google Chrome and Safari. Microsoft is testing letting users on both browsers access the tool.
  • “We are flighting access to Bing Chat in Safari and Chrome to select users as part of our testing on other browsers,” Caitlin Roulston, Microsoft’s director of communications, says in a statement to The Verge. 
  • “We are excited to expand access to even more users once our standard testing procedures are complete.”
Jul 13

Apple's Password Manager Is Compatible With Third-Party Browsers In Latest macOS Beta

  • Following Apple's first public beta of macOS Sonoma, Mac users will be able to use Apple’s password manager in third-party web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Arc.
  • You may not be aware that macOS has a built-in password manager that can securely store all your passwords.
  • You can access it from the system settings and view your stored passwords using your fingerprint or your computer password.
Jul 11

Apple's Mac Market Share Jumped Even Though PC Sales Fell For The Sixth Consecutive Quarter

  • Apple’s Mac market share increased to 8.6%, reporting year-over-year shipment growth of 10.3%, the only major manufacturer to do so.
  • The year-over-year Mac shipment growth comes even as the broader market and competitors notch sharp declines in shipments, and as the Intel transition wraps up.
  • Lenovo, HQ, Dell and Acer all had year-over-year drops in shipments, according to IDC data.
Jun 20

Face ID Is Finally Coming To MacBooks

  • A newly approved patent relates to Face ID and email access on Mac devices, and could be the beginning of a rollout for this super convenient and secure authentication method across future Apple laptops.
  • The face verification technology patent actually goes all the way back to 2008, which shows how long Apple has been planning the move.
Jun 11

M2 Ultra Benchmark Reveals 2x Faster Performance Than Fastest Intel-Based Mac

  • Geekbench 6 benchmark results have confirmed Apple's claims of up to 20% faster performance compared to its predecessor, the M1 Ultra chip, and have established the M2 Ultra as Apple's fastest chip ever released.
  • The initial results showcase the Mac Studio, equipped with the M2 Ultra chip, delivering impressive single-core and multi-core scores of approximately 2,800 and 21,700, respectively.