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Jun 04

Debian 12 Is Due Next Weekend But Still Contains 100 Known Bugs

  • Debian 12, codenamed Bookworm, is set to release next Saturday (June 10) but despite its reputation for being rock solid, it could ship with up to 100 bugs.
  • Paul Gevers from the Debian project mentioned the number of known bugs in the Debian mailing list but said the release was still going ahead regardless.
Jun 04

This New Malware Campaign Can Hijack Your Gmail/Outlook Account

  • Horabot is described as a botnet that has been active for almost two and a half years now (first spotted in November 2020). During that time, it’s mostly been tasked with distributing a banking trojan and spam malware. 
  • Its operators seem to be located in Brazil, while its victims are Spanish-speaking users located mostly in Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela Brazil, Panama, Argentina, and Guatemala.
Jun 02

FTC: AI Voice Clones Are Turbocharging Scams

  • AI tools, particularly voice clones, are supercharging scams, FTC Chair Lina Khan warned.
  • She noted that they are already seeing AI "turbocharge" scams, using voice clones that can copy family members in distress as an example.
  • "We need to be vigilant early," Khan said. "If anything you need to be especially vigilant on the front-end because it’s much more difficult to solve these problems after."
May 31

MacOS Exploit Found By Microsoft Could Bypass System Integrity Protection

  • As Microsoft shared on its Security blog, a vulnerability named “Migraine” could bypass macOS’ System Integrity Protection and lead to arbitrary code execution on a device.
  • The exploit is so named because it’s related to the macOS Migration Assistant, a native tool that helps users move data from a Mac or Windows PC to another Mac.
  • Bypassing SIP can lead to “serious consequences,” since this gives attackers access to all system files, which makes it easy to install malware and rootkits. 
May 22

China Bans Micron's Products From Key Infrastructure, Citing Security Risk

  • China said US chipmaker Micron Technology’s products posed “serious network security risks” as it banned operators of key infrastructure from buying them.
  • The Cyberspace Administration of China on Sunday announced that the company, which is the biggest US maker of memory chips, “posed significant security risks to China’s critical information infrastructure supply chain.”
  • As a result, it ordered “critical national infrastructure operators” to stop purchasing products from Idaho-based Micron.